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Stone`s Entertainments Services Four S Approach

Stone’s Special, Significant Services
Our Mission is to create your Special Day last forever! Creating Significant and meaningful pieces of memories, our company strives to capture and preserve those little moments, so that they can be embedded into a piece of artwork created by us. We work with every client individually to design their own layout of services and unique additions to their event!

About Our Founders

This Company was created from a couple that is very passionate about Entertainment. Both of the founders were in the industry before creating the company. After doing what they both love so much, they met through working at an event which changed their lives forever. Their experiences and knowledge together form a successful duo and a promise for a guaranteed satisfaction.

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We would love to hear from you! Stone’s Entertainment believes in the full satisfaction and priority of their clients. Working individually with every client to deeper understand their event and the feelings behind it, we can create the perfect and the most unforgettable memory.

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